happy national pancake day!

happy national pancake day!

Group picture of Competa IT's national pancake day

happy national pancake day!

We celebrated national pancake day with each other and of course freshly baked pancakes!

Friday March 17th was national pancake day in the Netherlands! We wanted to celebrate this with all the Competa IT’s in the office. So we took the chickens out of the barn, rolled up our sleeves and went to a baking frenzy. It didn't take long or the office was filled with a delicious pancake smell.

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Even though it did take quite some time to bake all the pancakes, it sure was worth it! We got to see all kinds of pancakes pass on the table, from raisins to lactose free and from natural to bacon and cheese.

During this lunch we also announced what the event of March was going to be. This Friday we are going to do an escape room with a big group. But this is a special escape room in which we compete in two teams against each other, to see who can escape the room first! Read more about it here!

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