Immediate impact with our software development services

Immediate impact with our software development services

As a consultancy agency we have been helping organisations with flexible IT deployment since 1997. Our people are trained in-house to assist as interim consultants with frontend, backend and design projects. This the strength of Competa IT: recruiting high-potential digital professionals who we educate and train internally on the current tech stacks requested by our customers. Our professionals develop incredibly quickly by working on multiple challenging projects, exposing them to a variety of challenges that builds experience fast.

In recent years we have increasingly been asked by customers whether we could also help with selection and recruitment of staff for their own payroll. This process can be time-consuming, inefficient and difficult - especially if you work with external recruiters.

Something we hear more and more often from clients: ''...we still want to hire your professionals on an interim basis, but we also want permanent employees with similar knowledge and skills as people from Competa IT." In response to this demand we started "DetaVast" (Contract-to-Permanent) in 2024. More details below...

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Recruitment with Less Risk & More Flexibility

We are good at recruiting our own staff, which is why so many customers have asked if we can help with their recruitment for permanent employment positions. We are happy to help organisations attract the right developers and UX designers with our DetaVast (Contract-to-Perm) service. We work together with our customers to ensure sustained quality support for their projects during the transition from interim to permanent employment.


interim staffing via secondment

Many organizations like to work with interim professionals on an external hire basis. At Competa IT we have many senior experts available for temporary deployment. Our professionals have access to our extensive office facilities allowing them to work remotely in an optimal work environment. Working from the Competa office, our staff can work remotely but give full attention to your project without the disruptions or loss of productivity that can occur in home working. During secondment we manage our professionals so that they can focus completely and exclusively on your IT project.


unlock business potential with Software Development

Specialized in software development, we build future-proof software solutions for start-ups and scale-ups. We have years of experience in developing proof of concepts, prototypes, pilots and MVPs. Our approach focuses on speed and cost efficiency, to make your project interesting for investors and financiers. We understand better than anyone else how to deliver software in the context of Dutch and European subsidy schemes and conditions. Competa IT is your one-stop shop for software development projects.

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DetaVast - the right hire with the lowest risk possible

The market has asked us to assist with IT recruitment for permanent positions, and not without reason. In 2024, the recruitment process for IT professionals is not only time-consuming, but also expensive and very risky. Our clients often experience problems in recruitment processes, where a 'mistake' can quickly lead to complex HR challenges, wasted resources and delays in software projects (which is what it's all about in the first place). Recruitment via Competa IT's DetaVast service gets your new hires started quicker and, and gives you the choice of how long you want the trial period to be. You will immediately receive - without having to set up recruitment campaigns - a good, competent and reliable professional, whom you can assess for anything up to two years before you commit to enter into an employment relationship on your payroll. Up to the point of employment the professional is guided and coached by Competa IT. So a win-win-win. We are happy to help, so please contact us to discuss the options.

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