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`CodePamoja is a non-profit training program, designed to give graduates and young, non-graduated talents in the Netherlands (and Kenya) work experience, by letting them build software together according to international standards. In practice, international (collaborative) work is done in small groups, according to Agile project management (Scrum). The groups work on real software projects. CodePamoja is a project of the Fair Trade Software Foundation (FTSF) - sponsored by (an organisation affiliated with the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation) and Competa IT. The project is directed and executed from the Netherlands by Competa IT and DewCIS (a Kenyan service provider within IT).`

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html, css, react, vue, php, laravel

Competa IT's Steve at CodePamoja

Back-ender Steve was given the role of Tech Lead within CodePamoja Netherlands. During the project duration of two full internship periods (6 months) Steve supervised over 20 students. These students came in through various schools, including ROC Mondriaan, ROC Leiden, Hogeschool Rotterdam, Hogeschool Den Haag and ID College Zoetermeer (MBO Rijnland). Within the CodePamoja program, students came in to lay a good foundation within software development. Although it was officially an internship, in practice it could more accurately be called a bootcamp. At the start of the program, Steve discussed their ambitions in software development with each student. Some wanted to learn more about back-end development, while others wanted to know more about the front-end. Based on these desires, Steve then taught them the basics; such as PHP, React, Vue, Laravel, CSS and HTML-depending on their preference. Thus, the students gained good theoretical knowledge of software development. Through real case assignments (such as writing applications), the students were also able to gain practical hands-on experience. The students were also allowed to work in teams with other Competa IT professionals on real case software, both for internal projects and for external projects. Depending on the desired code stack of the student, he/she was matched with a suitable project. Throughout the process, Steve provided custom-made support to each student. Everyone received intensive individual guidance. Because of his patience and sense of responsibility, Steve was able to listen carefully to each person and provide the necessary guidance. He did this proactively and was able to maintain an excellent rapport with the students.

about Competa IT's Steve

Steve has extensive experience with PHP and Laravel. He has also worked with HTML(5), JavaScript, Laravel, React and Vue. The fact that Steve has knowledge of the front-end in addition to strong back-end skills is due to his drive to constantly take on new challenges. Steve is also a social and communicative team player who is very helpful and always keeps his cool, even in complex environments.

what CodePamoja participants think of Steve and Competa IT

"During my internship at CodePamoja I learned a lot and had a great time. Steve has guided me throughout the entire process. I was in my final year and had to take exams at Competa IT. Steve helped me a lot with that. He also helped me with the assignments I had to do. If I didn't understand something or if there was something unclear, I could always go to Steve and he helped me with that. When the office closed -because of covid- the communication between him and me was still good. In addition to his work, he really took his time for the interns (including me) if, for example, we needed help or if someone with more knowledge of a particular technology needed to be involved. I personally really liked the fact that even though we had to work from home, he was still easy to reach for questions or help and he also made it clear when he couldn't be reached. In this way, Steve managed expectations very well."

Rayshri Soochitsingh

Student (ICT bachelor)

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