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`We are consultants and creatives with a passion for clear communication. Since 2009, we have helped more than a thousand customers to clearly explain their story or internal communication issues. When we started, it took most agencies weeks to come up with a concept. This 'mysterious', creative process caused a lot of confusion and delay. From the beginning, we did everything live. Writing scripts and drawing storyboards together with our clients, on the spot and within four hours. By visualising ideas immediately, we could switch faster and really make the concept work together. Trust grew: large organisations asked us to help them think about their internal communication challenges, such as a repositioning or software implementation. Using the same live method, we developed employee journeys, internal communication campaigns and media concepts. In just one week!`

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Competa IT's Fabian at Funk-e

Fabian is a UX Designer who also has good knowledge and skills in front-end web development. Therefore the project at Funk-e was a 100% match. Funk-e could use some help with the development of their new website. Not only for development, but also in the field of UX and design. During the project Fabian focused on making components responsive. He also developed new components and was involved in the design of modules. He mainly used HTML(5), Sass/SCSS, JavaScript (ES5/6+) and PHP. He was also involved in custom styling of components and features. Throughout the project, Fabian also advised the management of Funk-e in the field of User Experience (UX) and design. The project was challenging because there was a tight deadline with a limited team of developers. The project was delivered within the deadline and Fabian was an absolute asset during the project.

about UX Designer Fabian

Fabian is a passionate UX/UI designer (and front-ender) who loves working on applications and websites. By listening to the wishes and needs of the client (and end users), he always manages to come up with optimised solutions. Fabian has a sharp eye for user-friendliness, whereby he naturally thinks and works according to new methods and technologies. Fabian has a unique skill-set in which he is able to listen, filter and ask questions, which enables him to always come up with well-rounded ideas and suggestions.

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