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`We build solutions that help us achieve your goal. Our approach is not about what is technically possible: our teams work on aa digital product that will make your customers happy and help your organization move forward. Our designers are tech-savvy and design with a well-functioning product in mind and our engineers understand that a good user experience is just as important as writing good code. That means we work differently: when you work with us you are part of our project teams and work directly with them. See your digital product come to life and immediately hear what users think of it. You have access to our knowledge and we in turn get to know your organization better. In this way we even develop complex and business-critical systems without losing speed. We accelerate and create better digital solutions together. On to the digital league.`

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Vue.js, Azure, Azure DevOps, C#





Competa IT's Stefan at Worth

An external project via Competa IT does not necessarily have to be short-lived. Stefan knows that better than anyone. He spent more than two years (!) in total on a project at Digital Agency Worth (also in Rijswijk). At Worth, Stefan mainly worked on applications for Nederlandse Loterij (NLO), and the associated labels of the biggest provider of the Netherlands, such as EuroJackpot. As a full-stack developer with a special passion for C#/.NET, Stefan was given more than enough space at Worth to apply his C# skills. He also worked with Vue.js, Azure, Azure DevOps and Entity Framework. For Unit Tests he used Stryker; with which he tested the Unit Tests himself. Stefan worked in a multidisciplinary team, consisting of a tester from NLO itself, a Product Owner for the project, a number of front-enders from Worth and Stefan himself as the (only) external back-end/full-stack developer. Every day Stefan was busy programming new functionalities, features, and styling elements for different applications. But he also learned a lot about project management. For example, NLO worked via Waterfall methodology, while the team at Worth worked Agile/Scrum. ‘How do you work well together to achieve an effective and efficient outcome? And how do you involve a non-tech Product Owner in the project?’ These are issues that Stefan gained a lot of knowledge about during his project at Worth. Stefan’s character has also had a centre of gravity within his commitment to Worth. This gave him the space and opportunity to think proactively and to implement improvements within the project. Stefan was also able to think along with the UX/Front-end; because he understood the business logic and knew how the data structure works. But what he enjoyed most was building and adding major new features for EuroJackpot. Stefan was able to do this from start to finish, which allowed him to provide a lot of input from scratch and to think along.

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Stefan has mainly worked with C#/.NET, Vue.js, Angular, JavaScript, Node, PHP/Laravel, CSS and HTML. He also has extensive experience with tools and techniques such as SQL, Azure and Typescript. At Competa IT, but also during external projects, Stefan mainly worked Agile in Scrum teams. In these teams he has always proven himself to be a very valuable, helpful, honest and punctual colleague who likes to roll up his sleeves and move mountains! His intrinsic curiosity for tech and his drive to get better and do better; also ensure that he is constantly working on (game) technology.

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