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`KPN makes life freer, more fun and easier to connect. They passionately work on our secure, reliable and future-proof networks and services, so that everything and everyone is connected anytime, anywhere and to create a more prosperous and cleaner world. Every day, for more than 135 years.`

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angular, typescript, python

Competa IT specialist Faris at KPN

After his project at Deloitte, Faris - also via Competa IT - started working at KPN, where he currently still works. Together with five other developers, a scrum master and a product owner, Faris has been working on the MijnKPN Business platform since early 2019. This platform is similar to MijnKPN, but aimed at the business market. It's a significant project; especially because the platform helps thousands of KPN entrepreneurs and business customers. They can arrange matters related to their subscriptions more quickly with MijnKPN Zakelijk. For Faris it is a challenging and inspiring project. Especially as he and his team continue to innovate with tech. They are constantly trying new techniques to improve the platform. To make processes run smoother and faster, Faris and his team have internally focused on reducing the feedback loop, for example by bringing Analytics in-house. Development processes are also set up in such a way that pieces of code can be repeated through automation. The final goal? Offering users of MijnKPN Zakelijk the best experience in the fastest way.

about Full-stacker Faris

Faris has mainly worked with React.js, Redux, Node.js and JavaScript (ES6). He has extensive experience in hosting, databases, authentication, component building and SEO optimization of websites and platforms. Faris has a unique skill set where he always thinks about the wishes and needs of the customer. He translates this into consistently coded applications that are also easy to maintain and scale.

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Competa IT

Competa IT

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