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`myTomorrows helps patients find and access treatments under development. They search global clinical trial databases and provide people with a free personalized search report of possible treatment options. If the patient and physician decide to choose one of the treatments, myTomorrows helps the patient gain access - myTomorrows`

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july 2018




implementation, management

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react, typescript, python

Competa IT's Ruben at myTomorrows

After a year and a half on a project at Royal HaskoningDHV, it was time for back-ender Ruben for a new project at myTomorrows. He ended up working here for more than a year. Initially, Ruben focused on the website as a back-ender (with front-end knowledge). He spent much of his time refactoring. This includes using Docker, rewriting plugins, removing unused packages, writing documentation and optimizing server configurations. He also added new features in the form of new, dynamic plugins. For such a plugin, Ruben usually wrote a database model in Python. He also wrote the layout (HTML), the styling (SASS) and the dynamic functionality (TypeScript). In the last quarter of the project at myTomorrows came the wish for a new website. That required a headless CMS, with API. Ruben wrote the entire back-end for the new website himself. As a programming language, Ruben used Python with the Django framework. The front-end was developed by an external (third) party. Writing the new back-end in particular was a great challenge for Ruben. Not only because he had to do this alone, but also because there was time pressure. The back-end had to be completed within two months. By, among other things, constantly communicating openly with the Product Owner and other stakeholders, Ruben was able to successfully complete the project. He therefore looks back on a tough, but fun project: "I especially liked the idea behind myTomorrows. In principle, myTomorrows offers a free service for people who are seriously ill, by facilitating medicines in the test phase. new drugs have been developed and there are also drugs that are not yet on the market everywhere. The medical team is mapping treatments around the world using the latest technology."

about back-ender Ruben

Ruben has mainly worked with Python and Django. He also has experience in other back-end techniques such as SQL, Laravel and Go. In addition, Ruben also has broad knowledge in the field of front-end development, including TypeScript, Vue.js, Angular and Sass - which allows him to connect the back-end to the front-end. Ruben always keeps a cool head, even in complex environments. This makes him an excellent developer for projects where the necessary pressure and complexity is present.

how myTomorrows thinks about Ruben and Competa IT

Working with Ruben and Competa has been a very positive experience. The application and onboarding processes went very smoothly. When the requirements of our projects changed, we were able to easily adapt our agreement and extend our contract. We were very happy with the quality of work and the positive attitude of Ruben.

Yasmine Ahmad

Digital Product Manager (former)

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