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`"When we started in 2009, it was not from paper. We were freaking out and doing tech for 20 hours a day. Without having a clear idea, we built up unique knowledge. More and more people came our way because they didn't get an answer elsewhere. So we became a kind of last saviors in need. When it got too complex for the rest. We became a powerhouse for high performance Magento solutions in a short time. The more complex the better. We built our own applications and got better at cohesive strategies. We now serve the top of the Dutch and German Magento e-commerce landscape. A striking number of market leaders know their way to Emico. Anyone who has a turnover of 5 to 10 million, but wants to make it 20, understands that technology is a determining factor. Maximum return, requires maximum performance. Emico is hypertransparant. We measure down to the smalles details. It also means that everything we claim is provable. What we say is what you get. What can we do for you? Is your shop ready to leap forward? Let Emico do the magic."`

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React.js, TypeScript, Redux (Saga), RxJS, Next.js, Index.js, Apollo, GraphQL, PimCore, Prismic, Magento, (S)CSS, HTML and Javascript



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Sometimes you take a different path, and that turns out to be a golden move. That happened to Max when he got the chance to go on a project at Emico through Competa IT. At first it was mainly the conversation with Emico that was the deciding factor, because from a project-technical point of view it didn't really appeal to Max. With a front-end stack specialised on React.js, the e-commerce playing field had never come into view for him before. But sometimes it's also good to go outside the comfort zone, and with his positive mindset Max went on a project at Emico, where he was eventually deployed for almost two years (!). Within Competa IT, Max had already run several internal and external projects. Mainly front-end oriented, with techniques such as React, TypeScript, Redux (Saga), RxJS and of course (S)CSS, HTML (5) and JavaScript. At Emico he has been able to give his stack a huge boost by working on e-commerce projects for great brands, such as hellotv and 4blue. Max has worked on 7 websites/shops, for 4 different clients. All projects were tackled in scrum teams, with Max working with back and front enders, tech leads and POs. He also worked (especially in the last period) in smaller, more self-reliant scrum teams. Here Max was given more responsibilities and he was also allowed to take on customer contact. He became a proverbial bridge between the developers and the customer. In addition, he also had the opportunity to spar with other stakeholders; such as (external) marketing and SEO specialists. In this role Max finally found his real passion; fulfilling a dual role as developer and manager/PO. Everything Max built at Emico was for a website, shop or app. As a result, he has built up good knowledge and experience with techniques such as Next.JS, React, Index.js, Apollo, GraphQL, PimCore, Prismic, Magento (2) and Styled Components. Especially within Next.JS, Max has - in his own words - given himself 'a real level up'. Max liked the project for hello tv the most. Here he was free to implement new features, implement a wish list, build bundle projects (sitewide) and think along with architecture.

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Max has mainly worked with React, Next.JS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Magento, CSS and HTML. He also has extensive experience with tools and techniques involved in e-commerce projects. At Competa IT, but also during external projects, Max mainly worked Agile in Scrum teams. In these teams he has always proven himself as a very social, (self) critical and enthusiastic colleague.

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