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`Inergy was founded in 1999 with the aim of helping companies get value from their data. LIAS was founded in the same year with the aim of providing insight into the data surrounding planning & control for local authorities so that they can take action quickly. In June 2020 we joined forces with Frontin. We continued as one company under the name Inergy. In 2021, SafeHarbour became part of Inergy and we acquired the ISMS from SEP. Everything for us still revolves around data. Together with more than 170 colleagues, we work 24/7 to make an impact with your data. We offer full service, non-stop data analytics based on the most effective and efficient technologies of the moment.`

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React, TypeScript, Next.js, Javascript, CSS, PHP and Laravel



Competa IT's Joeri at Inergy

Soon after Joeri came to work at Competa IT, he was able to work on a project at Inergy. For example, Inergy creates and publishes websites and pages for municipalities. Municipalities must make matters such as annual reports public. After a good introductory meeting with the web team at Inergy, Joeri started working here. In this team consisting of front-enders, back-enders and the manager, we discussed and interacted with each other in a pleasant manner. In addition, Joeri also collaborated indirectly with other departments, by making commits to another software product that this department was working on. Joeri worked on projects at Inergy for more than 1.5 years, where he mainly focused on maintaining websites for municipalities. Every municipality can submit tickets for their website, which they can organize as they see fit. If they want a specific layout, extra pages or something else, they submit a ticket for this. Since there are more than 200 websites, these are large numbers of tickets. Because all websites are built on the same boilerplate, every website has exactly the same code structure. In this project he used many relevant technologies, such as: React, C# and .Net. In addition, there was an internal application within Inergy in which Joeri also contributed. Customers can create an initial design of their website and set it up. Joeri used React a lot for this project, so he has come across little new here. That is why he is now more concerned with the back-end to gain more experience with it. As a front-ender, Joeri also likes to have back-end experience so that you can solve problems with APIs, for example, yourself. Also, for some issues you need additional back-end logic to make up for the front-end. What Joeri specifically brings to the next project is the experience he has gained with React. In addition, he also delved into customer contact, as the progress of all tickets had to be fed back to the customer. He now knows how to ask specific questions to find out what the customer wants.

about Front-ender Joeri

Joeri is a driven young professional who likes to be technically challenged. He prefers working on front-end projects, combining TypeScript (JavaScript) with the React library or the Next.js framework. Of course, he also uses JSC and various CSS frameworks. Joeri can be deployed full-stack, with Next.js on the back-end. Previously he also used PHP(6) for back-end work, with Laravel as a framework. He enjoys working in a team according to Agile/Scrum working methodology, so he can take his knowledge and skills to the next level. Furthermore, Joeri is a real traveler, he likes to discover new places and do fun things with family and friends.

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