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`The Royal Dutch Tourist Association ANWB is an association that promotes the interests of its members in the areas of mobility, holidays and leisure with a unique mix of influencing and service activities. In this work, ANWB wants to contribute to the sustainable development of society.`


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Competa IT'er Graeme at ANWB

Graeme has been working at ANWB as a Senior Front-end Developer for almost two years. Here he works, among other things, on the route planner that has more than 60 million users annually. In the past two years, the ANWB website has won two awards for Website of the Year. At ANWB, Graeme works in a scrum team consisting of various disciplines such as an architect, front-end and back-end developers, a user experience designer, a scrum master, and so on. As a team under the Travel Advice department, Graeme and his colleagues are part of the greater customer journey tribe. Since the team also has control over a number of APIs, they work together with other teams to implement these. While the entire system was still running on Preact two years ago, it has now been completely modernized and up to date with current standards. It now runs on React, TypeScript, Styled Components and Design Systems. Over the past year and a half, most of the work has been in converting the core UI in Preact to React. Previously there was one team that worked on this and maintained it. Nowadays they have four teams, which means they can implement and maintain new things a lot faster. What you hear in the car along the way is all processed by the systems that Graeme works on in the Travel Advice Team. Here they also use the data to compile reports and they have special connections in the system for the national emergency services. It is a very fun and interesting project for Graeme, also from a technical point of view, to convert the system and stack to current standards. He even had one merge request that modified more than 1200 files. This project involves a lot of work with TypeScript, something Graeme had already worked with. But now he has a much deeper understanding of this language. Over the past two years, Graeme has also been introduced to Styled Components and now uses them extensively. They are very useful to use for your CSS. Graeme enjoys being in the team and can work well with his colleagues and have good, robust discussions with them. What Graeme likes most about this project is converting it to React, as Preact doesn't even have the full functionality of React (and is therefore very minimal).

about Front-ender Graeme

Graeme is a Front-end Guru with an excellent understanding of full-stack. He has over 15 years of work experience in the development domain. Graeme prefers to work with JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML5 and CSS3 to create simple and elegant user interfaces for both business and customer-facing applications. Node, WAMP, LAMP, Git or TFS are tools that can be deployed as needed. I love Bash and he runs Linux on his cloud repositories. He has experience with React, AngularJS, AWS, Node.js, RESTful APIs and the most modern web technologies. Robust business solutions must be stable, with an emphasis on UX, testing, security, privacy and devops. Graeme is a digital professional with a passion for the new. He has a Masters in Business Organizations and enjoys the pace and flexibility of the online industry. His strengths lie in understanding all stakeholders within the decision-making process and logically explaining and evaluating the best available options within business constraints. This is why his skills would fit seamlessly into an IT/Software Architect position or project.

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