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`Beautiful hair is important. It increases your self-confidence and enhances your appearance. At Haarvisie, everything revolves around your perfect haircut. Our experienced stylists treat you in a luxurious environment with the best products.`

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Competa IT's Joran at Haarvisie

The director of Haarvisie came to Competa IT with a problem. He spends too much time processing appointment requests. Due to his acclaimed personal approach via WhatsApp - in which he personally chats with every customer who wants an appointment - he receives an appointment request and he devotes a lot of time and attention to the conversation. If the customer eventually finds the treatment too pricey, all that time has been for nothing. This was an important problem that needed to be solved. In addition, Haarvisie had recently been given a new house style. The website did not match this yet. Competa IT chose UX/UI designer Joran to tackle this problem. Joran started the project with a research in which the first step was to do a heuristic evaluation. This showed that the website did not meet modern requirements and there were many inconsistencies. Certain important pages such as the FAQ or the overview of the stylists were not in the navigation. Joran then interviewed the customers of Haarvisie and non-customers within the target group about what they are looking for in a hair salon: customer friendliness, quality, price and the treatment they are looking for. Joran also looked at Google Analytics and HotJar to determine which pages on the current website function as entry pages. After much analysis and interviews Joran started designing. First of all, wireframes were made to design the functioning of the functionalities. Joran has devised a new feature where the user can calculate a price and time indication by filling in a short form. This ensures that the user sees the price earlier, and therefore drops out before the time-consuming conversation with the director has taken place. He has also provided each page with an improved layout. This was mainly expressed in more visual material. The old Haarvisie website showed too little of the beautiful salons they have in Rijswijk and Wateringen. A lo-fi prototype was made of the wireframes, which was used for usability tests. The navigation and making an appointment were tested with six users from the target group. After processing the results, Joran has made improvements that solve the usability problems. The last step was to apply the lick of paint. Joran has applied the house style to the wireframes and made a design of each page. The site exudes the luxury of Haarvisie. The landing pages (blog posts and special treatments) have also been preserved and improved in terms of layout. Furthermore, the navigation is now complete and works according to modern expectations. Afterwards Joran once again made a prototype (hi-fi) and tested it with six users from the target group. The functionality for calculating the price has been tested here. The users found it a very nice function to estimate how much money and time they have lost. After all improvements were made, Joran also made versions of all pages for tablet and desktop in addition to the initial mobile version. The entire process was done in consultation with the director of Haarvisie. Joran has also regularly asked the opinion and help of members from the target group. For example, the business goals have been taken into account and the website is really designed for the users.

about UX/UI designer Joran

Joran is a highly motivated UX/UI designer who always wants to show himself from his best side. With his graduation from Communication & Multimedia Design (CMD), he has a lot of experience in designing digital products, conducting extensive target group research and facilitating usability tests. By using these skills Joran ensures that a design is always user-friendly and effective. Joran is a big fan of using Figma and makes useful component libraries and slick, animated prototypes in it. He also has experience with Adobe Xd, Photoshop and Illustrator. Joran has the constant urge to help people; direct or indirect. This ensures that he incorporates a lot of compassion for the user into his projects. He thinks of another rather than of himself; a good quality for a designer. This also ensures that Joran is a great colleague who likes to have fun. He can adapt very well to his environment and deliver his best work individually and in a team. He works in a process-oriented manner and does not skip any steps so that the best result is achieved.

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