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`DPG Media is the largest media company in the Netherlands. Media within the media house have been reaching millions of Dutch households every day for decades with brands that offer readers a wonderful platform. DPG Media informs, inspires and entertains. The portfolio consists of national, regional and local brands. DPG also owns news platform, the largest news site in the Netherlands with a monthly reach of 8 million visitors. And Tweakers, the largest electronics and technology website in the Netherlands and Belgium, with more than 3.5 million unique visitors and 90 million page views per month. `

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Q1 2019




development, implementation, maintenance, devops


react, php, symfony, wordpress

Competa IT's Rik at DPG Media

Since spring 2019 Competa IT's Rik is on a project at DPG Media B.V. At the time of writing (Q2 2022) he is still working there and has successfully completed several projects. In the meantime he has also switched from front-end to Devops. On the one hand, Rik has worked with the Magazines Area team to build new and existing websites. He has worked on both front- and back-end to optimize the VTWonen website. On the other hand, Rik is (jointly) responsible for support activities and questions from editors, for example about new features on websites and portals. Rik works for instance on various styling/design issues for the platforms of Libelle Zomerweek, Flaironline, Theaterclub (rebuild project) and the site of Sanoma/DPG itself. But there are many more web projects where he applies his front-end skills, especially within Wordpress environments with custom code around it. What kind of web projects? Donald Duck, DuckTypes (the popular game to teach children to type), the Event Platform, Flow magazine library (made in Drupal), Flow magazine, 'I'm going to build', In de wolken festival,, Libelle tv, Margriet, Margriet Winterfestival, (with React + Symfony), Tina festival,,, Viva, Viva Forum, Flair, VTwonen design fair and Autoweek (with Twig / Timber + Symfony).

about Full-stacker Rik

Rik is broadly oriented when it comes to programming languages. But he is best versed in JavaScript, React, PHP(7), Laravel, TerraForm & Ansible. Rik has 6 years of coding experience. He has worked for various parties, from e-commerce companies to schools and foundations. During his last (and current) project, at media house DPG Media, Rik has worked for different labels of DPG Media, which made him multitask a lot. This is going very smoothly for him, however. Therefore he has become one of the pillars for editorial teams within DPG Media B.V. Every day Rik gives 100% to be busy with design issues on the front-end and data traffic fixes on the back-end.

what DPG Media thinks of Rik and Competa IT

"Rik develops quickly, can handle ad-hoc assignments, is a teamplayer and has good communication skills. He has a 'no bullshit' mentality which I personally like. Rik quickly learned the methods of working in the Magazines Area team and when the opportunity came to take on DevOps tasks, he seized it with both hands. After two months of immersion, the team let him independently create Terraform plans for our AWS environment, in addition to the normal front-end and back-end work. For me as Project Manager, he is a hands-on, versatile developer who you can also have a laugh with. In short: an absolute asset to a team."

Pieter Parmet

Project Manager Magazines Area

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