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helping Caiway's customer service with IT solutions

`Working on better television, internet and telephone services. At Caiway we have been doing this with conviction for more than 30 years. That's why we know that good listening yields more than nice talks. And that competent, personal service is just as important as a fast and reliable connection. Meanwhile, over 200,000 customers throughout the Netherlands have benefited from their experience and enthusiasm.`

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helping Caiway's customer service with IT solutions








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Competa IT's Luuk at Caiway

The brands Caiway, DELTA, DELTA Fiber Network and ZeelandNet belong to DELTA Fiber Netherlands. On behalf of Competa IT, front-ender Luuk worked within Caiway on a customer-service solution for DELTA; which offers internet- and telephone services in Zeeland. How does this work in practice? Customers who call in to DELTA end up at the customer service department. To be able to help customers in the right way, and to keep an overview of ongoing business, all conversations must be properly and carefully documented. Customer service employees need a good and reliable software application for this at all times. Luuk has, in a team, worked on a customer service application for DELTA based on existing functionalities from other applications used within Caiway. The customer service application was eventually developed using a custom Delphi Script. Together with process specialists this script was developed to help customers as well and efficiently as possible, whereby various checks were introduced so that DELTA employees could help customers faster and easier. Luuk also built components with HTML and CSS for the CMS environment of the application. For example, templates have been created where customer service specialists-in their user interface-are able to display things like explanations (to the customer), images (such as pictures of modems) and step-by-step plans. Luuk and his colleagues have successfully made the application 'smart'. Employees can now create tickets or tasks for other employees based on the data already entered in the application, for example in case of activations or cancellations of extra internet and telephone bundles.

about front-ender Luuk

Luuk has worked mainly with React(.js), Javascript (ES6+), Git, Gulp, Sass/SCSS (Flexbox and CSS Grid) and npm. He prefers to work on styling interactive (web) applications, because this allows him to be creative. Luuk is a very social team player. Not only in his private time on the basketball court, but also during challenging IT projects, where he enjoys styling interactive (web) applications.

how Caiway feels about Luuk and Competa IT

"I experienced Luuk as a pleasant and involved colleague. He thought along in solutions and achieved results by his proactive attitude and constructive cooperation. He oversaw the project objectives and accelerated progress by meeting deadlines.''

Walter Bil

Process Specialist at DELTA Fiber Nederland

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