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`Rovict is an ICT service provider that focuses on education. Rovict does this in primary education (primary education) and secondary education (secondary education) with its own products and services. “Insights from data help your educational organization realize their ambitions. For example, by responding better to individual needs of students and thus offering tailor-made education. Rovict believes that technology can create more space for education. On the one hand by only measuring what you need and on the other hand by keeping the collection of data simple and clear.`

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angular, karma, jasmine, cypress



Competa IT's Mandy at Rovict

After working on a project at Meyn Food Processing, it was time for Mandy for a new front-end challenge, preferably with her favorite framework/library Angular. She received this challenge at Rovict, where she worked on an administration application for more than six months. This application was created through a collaboration with DUO. The objective was to collect and organize information (data) from pupils more efficiently in primary and secondary education. Mandy worked in a scrum team (along with 3 other front-end developers, 1 of which happened to be a former colleague) on building this application. For this she used both trusted and 'state of the art' technologies. Mainly, Mandy has worked at Rovict with Angular 13, Karma, Yasmine and Cypress for testing. The back-end was run on a local Docker, which made it easy to adapt the front-end and therefore no 'problems' could arise with waiting for the back-end. Registration forms had to be made for students. This was done with Angular Material (to make it as modular as possible) and Formly; a form library for Angular - which Mandy didn't know yet. Besides Formly, Mandy learned even more within the project at Rovict - also non-tech knowledge. In this way she learned fun terms, such as 'sailing toddlers'.

about Front-end dev Mandy

Mandy has mainly worked with Angular (different versions), JavaScript (ES6), CSS(3) and HTML(5). She has extensive experience with migrations within Angular, greenfield setups, dashboarding and styling. During the projects that Mandy has done, she has also mainly worked in Scrum teams, at HBO/Academic work and thinking level. Her inquisitiveness and drive to get better also ensure that she is constantly developing her knowledge and skills.

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