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`Zorgverkeer is a relatively small company that wants to improve the social domain by means of smart solutions. They work hard to create and constantly improve these solutions for municipalities, regions and care providers. Zorgverkeer believes in quick adjustments and satisfied customers. To this end, they have obtained the NEN 7510 certification (for information security in healthcare). In addition, they have the Green Finch (a recognition issued by the Care Institute to software suppliers who work on iStandards). Finally, safety is a high priority for Zorgverkeer, especially in the way the company handles user data. `

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july 2020



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implementation, management


React, Typescript, Java, MySQL

Competa IT'er Fernando at Zorgvekeer

Full-stack developer Fernando helped with the front-end development of the 'HUB' during the spring of 2020. This is a tool that gives municipalities insight into the care provided within the municipality and regions. The HUB arose from the need to centralise (on a regional level) data on allocated care. Fernando started his development project on the front-end of the HUB application. With JavaScript, TypeScript, and React, he added, among other things, graphs with HighCharts. He also programmed other features, such as menus within the application and filter and sort options within the table view. It was a challenging project. Not only because Fernando had to fix many existing bugs, but also because of high time pressure. Because of understaffing at Zorgverkeer, Fernando came in and immediately had to face a deadline. A demo had to be given to the end user (within a time frame of two weeks). However: partly due to Fernando, the HUB was delivered successfully.

about Full-stacker Fernando

Fernando is a Full-stack Developer—on paper. His real passion, however, lies in front-end development. Coding in Javascript, React & TypeScript is what Fernando loves most. He is able to learn new techniques or frameworks quickly. This makes his skill-set unique. Many developers learn fast. But Fernando is able to understand very complex environments in no time, and to build on them independently. He proved this not only at Zorgverkeer (with a customised Java framework), but also at Royal HaskoningDHV. Internally, Fernando is therefore also one of the go-to guys for complex questions. On the back-end, the same applies. He already has a good knowledge of Python, Java, and PhP, among others. Finally, Fernando has knowledge of C and C++, which he also uses in his spare time.

how Zorgverkeer think about Fernando and Competa IT

"Fernando is a strong developer who knows exactly what he's doing. He thinks ahead, understands complex issues and he picks up new tech very fast."

Hanco van Tol

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