students working together on Resume Manager

students working together on Resume Manager

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University of Salford, United Kingdom

Students from Salford University have worked on the Resume Manager project for Competa IT.

Software Engineering and Cyber Security students from Salford University, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom are working together in teams on projects for real clients. This way they can gain experience working with external business parties. During these two weeks they work on the problem of the external party and at the end of the two weeks they demos a working prototype. In this way they can apply their acquired knowledge and skills, in order to solve the problem. In addition, it is also a way to become familiair with the standards that are used in the industry. As a result, a group of students also has been assigned to Competa IT to work on the Resume Manager program. For this they will develop a working prototype based on their research.

Fouad, our own Competa IT'er, guided the students during this assignment and, after a short introduction, briefed them about it. Since the assignment consist of several aspects, the students were given the choice on which aspects they want to focus on during these two weeks. They choose to focus on the skill matrix of the program.

The assignment the students will be working on is a Resume Manager. Competa IT is also working on this product in collaboration with the Dutch government. It is a program in which:

  • Employees can add, change and delete personal information and skills.
  • The sales department can look into personal information, skills and resumes.
  • External users can search in a skills database what they are looking for, and see which persons have these skills (All complied by GDPR).

Although we at Competa IT are also developing the program, we are curious to see what new insights the students will bring us. These results can then be incorporated into the final program.

The students started working on this assignment in an agile scrum way. After appointing the scrum master in the team, they set up the sprint together. They created several user stories, pokered these and divided the work among themselves. During these two weeks there were daily standups at the beginning and at the end of the day. With Fouad also present to keep track of the progress of the team and to answer any questions. This way, Fouad was also able to help the students review and mergo code, and implement new features.

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The students demonstrated the prototype via an online video connection, where in addition to Fouad, Andy, Mandy, Nigel and Debby were also present. Here they demonstrated what they developed in these two weeks. In the prototype we could see that an employee can apply, edit or delete skills, but also that this can be done with other personal information. In addition, there is also a rol for those who are searching for developers, the prototype was made in such a way that they can choose which skills they are looking for.

After the demonstration, the students had a retro about the course of the project. Here the students reported that in the last two weeks they have learned many valuable experiences about working with various industry standards like: working with Git, proper use of version control, security authentication standards, finding legitimate sources and of course also working with scrum and agile methodologies in practice.

We would like to thank Max, Matthew, Miroslav and James from Salford University for the work they have done on this project and the new insights it has provided us with. We found it very interesting to see what they have done in these two weeks to come to this prototype.

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