march event: Escape room

march event: Escape room

Group picture of the blue and red team

Group picture of team blue and team red

This month it was time for our first outdoor event of the year: an Escape room! Besides team building and racing against the clock, we also had to compete against each other!

But before that, we first had our weekly Friday afternoon drinks at the office! Friday is always a fun day at the office, since there are a large number of colleagues present. Let alone if there is also an event linked to it! Colleagues had a nice chat with each other and feasted on delicious snacks, because escaping from an escape room is better with a full stomach.

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We could all walk together to the escape room, since it's located near our office in Rijswijk. Once we arrived, we received an explanation about the escape room and what we could expect of it. After the explanation it was finally time: the battle of team red against team blue could begin!

Each team in their own room, quickly found the first clues. For example, hatches opened in a number of places, there were assignments and connections to be made between clues. This meant you had to work well together as a team to solve the assignments. Meanwhile, the blue team managed to get into the next room first for the final battle, where the room was only separated by a wall within it; the trophy.

Thanks guys for your participation in this event, and see you at our next event!

Watch the video of the event here 👇

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