Competa IT's 25th anniversary international trip

Competa IT's 25th anniversary international trip

Group picture at a viewpoint of Cómpeta

Group picture at a viewpoint of Cómpeta

Every month we have something different in the calendar. The event for August is will to celebrate our 25th anniversary

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Competa IT! A party we celebrate with the team by having a company outing abroad! It was all a big surprise that we would be going to Málaga and Cómpeta, since the team was only told about the weather forecast.

After weeks of preparation, the moment was finally there: driving through the night to Schiphol to be able to get to our flight on time. After three hours of flying we arrived with a soft landing in the sunny city of Málaga.

With the hotel at the edge of the city centre, there was enough time for some of us to explore the surroundings, while others had a power nap. By dinner time we searched for a place where we could eat with the team. At the restaurant, it didn't take long or the other half of the group arrived to complete the team. Here we enjoyed the pizza and delicious paella together! With some real Tinto de Verano it was a tasty Spanish dinner. Afterwards we walked further into the city centre to have some drinks together.

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The next morning it was time for the highlight of the weekend: bringing a visit to the picturesque mountain village of Cómpeta! After a ride through the mountains past several beautiful landscapes, we arrived at the first vantage point. Besides making some group pictures at this beautiful location, there was also time to enjoy the view.

In Cómpeta there was the next surprise: our PO Andy was there! Till lunch everyone had some free time to go and explore Cómpeta. Besides the weekly market there was also a church at the village square which was well worth a visit.

After the terrace of Cómpeta was approved, we walked further to Hotel Balcon de Cómpeta. Besides the delicious tapas at the hotel, they also festively decorated our table. During the lunch we were visited by the deputy mayor of Cómpeta, she congratuled the team with our 25th anniversary. After lunch some colleagues also were honored for their work anniversaries.

Before we ended the visit to the hotel, there was still some time to swim or walk outside for a bit. Then we walked with the entire team to the large vantage point. During the walk we enjoyed the narrow streets and squares and along the way Andy provided us with extra information about Cómpeta. At the vantage point we took some nice pictures with Cómpeta in the background. After taking in the view over Cómpeta one last time, the bus arrived to take us back to Málaga.

After we arrived back in Málaga we walked to the boulevard. This was the moment to swim in the sea, as the sun was setting. On this last evening we ate together with the team at a restaurant on the boulevard. Here we toasted on a fun and sunny company outing.

Curious to what we all did and have seen? We've got you! Check the after movie of our trip below:

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