bowling event

bowling event


Our monthly event has brought us to the bowling alley this time

It was time for another sporty outing at Competa IT, this time: bowling!

And luckily for us we didn’t have to go far, because Bally’s is at the end of the street. We had a great time, while enjoying some bittergarnituur and nice drinks. Some of our Competa IT colleagues even managed to throw several strikes and spares!

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After all this sportsmanship it was time for dinner. Besides chicken satay and hamburgers, there was also delicious salmon fillet. Followed by tea, coffee and dessert, we ended the evening pleasantly together.

At Competa IT we hold these events monthly to stay in touch and get to know each other better. Are you curious to know what it's like to work at Competa IT? Great! We are always looking for new colleagues!

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