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`KLM was founded on 7 October 1919 and is the oldest airline in the world still operating under its original name. From its home base in Amsterdam, the KLM Group operated flights worldwide in 2018, with a fleet of 214 aircraft. KLM has 33,000 employees. In 2018, the KLM Group generated more than 10 billion euros in revenue. With 34,1 million passengers and 621,000 tonnes of cargo, KLM and KLM Cityhopper form the heart of the KLM Group.`

Source: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

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Competa IT's Andrey at KLM

Immediately after full-stack developer Andrey joined Competa IT, he was offered a great challenge at KLM. It turned out to be a long-term cooperation of more than 2.5 years. And without CoViD-19, Andrey would probably still be working on a project at KLM - at least, in the same team. Because now, in mid-2022, Andrey is once again on a project at KLM, but in a different team. Andrey started his adventure at KLM to work on the 'hangar of the future'. Aircraft are maintained day and night by 14,000 engineers and maintenance staff at KLM. The staff used to work with paper task lists and printed manuals; a lot of paperwork. On the one hand this resulted in (clumsy and time-consuming) administrative actions, but also resulted in less efficiency and therefore less flight hours of aircraft. Therefore, iMech was introduced. iMech is an application that saves engineers and maintenance staff a lot of time and paperwork. This leaves them more time for the actual maintenance of aircraft and aircraft parts. The introduction of the application resulted in more work satisfaction, more convenience and faster administrative processing. On behalf of Competa IT, Andrey was part of one of the Scrum teams of KLM. The main task of Andrey's Scrum team was to develop new app-features for iMech. Andrey did this well. Among other things, he worked on: - The configuration of unit test environments; - Advice on (re)coding; - Functionalities related to analysing app usage; - Proposing an efficient management architecture; - Introducing a Dynatrace (cloud monitoring) system to track performance; - Programming and optimising new plug-ins and existing plug-ins (e.g. with Objective-C code); - The optimisation of the back-end (and bug fixing) to make the connection with IFS API possible. The above work was mainly done with AngularJS, Angular 7/8 and Java. In addition to his technical activities within the project, Andrey was given the opportunity to be involved in the internal recruitment process at a later stage of his project at KLM. He was allowed to have a say in the recruitment of new external developers at management level. He was involved in screening and, for example, had job interviews with candidates.

about Full-stack Dev Andrey

Andrey is a highly motivated developer with over 8 years experience in the IT industry. Within Competa IT he is also known as 'the boy genius'; a university educated coding pro. His codestack is versatile, but Andrey is particularly good with JavaScript, Angular, TypeScript, Java, CI/CD and unit testing. On a technical level, Andrey is capable of anything. But what makes Andrey unique is his ability to look critically/sharply at processes without losing sight of less-conventional solutions. Andrey therefore also loves challenges. Especially within complex, high-traffic environments where pressure is present. Last but not least, Andrey is a great colleague and a pleasant team player who can level with others and adapts well to his environment.

what KLM thinks of Andrey and Competa IT

"I worked with Andrey for over two years in the Engineering and Maintenance department at KLM. Here we worked on web-based mobile apps (with Angular, Typescript, RxJS, REST, and Unit Testing). Andrey is a result-oriented developer who is able to deliver constant (high) quality. He is quick to pick up new technologies and is able to apply them in his work. In this way, he helps his colleagues to grow in their profession. Andrey was a crucial link in the successful migration of the old code-base to a new code-base that is more effective and easier to maintain. Andrey manages projects well by constantly refactoring with the right efficiency ratio. On a personal level, Andrey is pleasant to deal with and communicate with, very friendly and a great colleague. If there was an opportunity to work with him again, I would take it immediately."

Onder Ceylan

Team Lead KLM

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