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For over 15 years our mission has been to enable business with information technology, translating business challenges and ideas into working technical solutions.

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What we do

We help you with technology: designing, building, implementing and maintaining the tools you need to make your business successful, both internally and externally.

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Strengthening your company on the inside by improving internal processes and tools. We make it easier for your staff to work with modern, efficient and reliable infrastructure.

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Helping you to engage and connect with your external relations such as customers, users, partners and suppliers. We develop beautiful, usable and effective software to help you communicate.

Fair Trade Software

Assisting you with your CSR program: we can develop software bearing a Fair Trade label, built by virtual teams with partners in emerging economies such as Kenya.

Use Fair Trade labeled software to demonstrate a commitment to sustainability to your customers and other external relations.

Fair Trade Software is not subcontracting or off-shoring: we handle all aspects of analysis, design and implementation whilst involving our remote partners in a sustainable way that provides training and employment opportunities.

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