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A passion for using information technology to solve complex business and social problems.

Our clients include:

What we do

We enable business with information technology, translating business challenges and ideas into working technical solutions. Designing, building and integrating the architecture to make your business successful, both internally and externally.

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Helping you to engage and connect with your external relations such as customers, users, partners and suppliers. We produce software that looks good, is easy to use and works.

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Helping your company meet production demands by delivering core architecture and tools. We provide integration and deployment services to leverage Cloud efficiently and securely.

Fair Trade Software

Sustainable business: software bearing a Fair Trade label, built by virtual teams with partners in emerging economies such as Kenya.

Use Fair Trade labeled software to demonstrate a commitment to sustainability to your customers and other external relations.

Fair Trade Software, not subcontracting or off-shoring: we handle all aspects of analysis, design and integration whilst involving our remote partners in a sustainable way that provides training and employment opportunities.

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Contact us via
  • +31 (0)70 42 77 555
  • Verrijn Stuartlaan 20, 2288 EL, Rijswijk (ZH) Netherlands

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