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Competa is based in the The Hague and works for customers across the Netherlands, the EU and now Africa too. We use Agile development methods because that’s the best way to implement business ideas and provide solutions to business challenges. By working with our customers in Scrum teams we create custom software that works, looks good, and is easy to use. We’re very flexible, it’s up to you how we work together, but some suggestions are below.

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We like to get as close to our customers as possible and we can do this by working on-site with them. Depending on requirements we provide individual developers with specific technical skills, or entire Scrum teams.

Whether you need to deploy one developer or a whole team, we work with you to deliver suitable on-site resources on a flexible interim basis.


If you want to focus on your business and let someone else sort out the software, we also run projects from our own offices. This can involve junior staff in the Netherlands and/or Africa working under guidance from our senior developers.

Developing software in this way can be very cost-effective but still delivers high-quality products and involves as much customer interaction as possible.

Fair Trade Software

Why not help people in Africa learn modern IT management skills? We can co-develop your project with partners in Africa, and by working alongside us our African colleagues learn how to manage their own projects better. We have been doing this for several years now, and the impact has been tremendous. Using skills and techniques learned by working with Competa, our African partners have successfully completed socially important projects in areas such as HIV and sexual health awareness; pre- and post-natal care in slum areas; and micro-finance for farmers in poor rural areas to name just a few examples. Thousands of poor and marginalised people in East Africa have benefitted from the knock-on effects of this simple and pragmatic initiative.

Working in this way delivers the same quality and costs the same price as conventional development, and you can use a recognisable Fair Trade Software label on products produced. Why not take this opportunity to show your own staff and customers how you help make the world a better place?

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Competa in Africa

Since 2011 we have collaborated with international and local partners in Kenya completing a number of successful projects. Building on our successes with CodePamoja and Fair Trade Software, in Q4 2018 we launched a new project – WorkPamoja.

WorkPamoja is a new initiative, joint-funded with German development agency GIZ, to encourage collaboration between African and European ICT companies. Please contact us via this website for further details.


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