Upgrading Angular Will Never Be Easier

Jeroen Ouwehand

This week I’ve discovered the ultimate guide to upgrade your Angular project. It’s called: “Angular Update guide”.

This is a very easy tool by Angular for upgrading from any version you’re currently using to whichever version you want to use. When entering the website, you get to see a form with the following options:

  • Current project Angular version
  • Angular version you want to upgrade to
  • Complexity (Basic, Medium or Advanced)
  • If you are using ngUpgrade or not
  • And finally your current package manager (NPM or Yarn)

After selecting all the options you can press the button to get the desired results for upgrading. In the next example I’ve selected current version 4.0, with the next version set to 5.0. All other options I’ve left on default. After submitting the options, I got to see the next screen with all the steps for upgrading from 4.0 to 5.0.

Now you can easy upgrade your own project! Thank you for reading! Check my Github.


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