Saving favicon or .ico with photoshop.

Randy Gootjes

Everyone knows the struggle of saving your favicon as .ico, not everyone wants to go to websites where there is a ton of commercials and besides that if you work for a big company you cant just go to a random website to convert your png to .ICO.

Using photoshop for creating and saving .ICO

Photoshop is a good and steady graphics application for a long time, and why not create your Favicon in here. But in order to save your favicon as an .ico extension you need a plug-in. in the following steps i will show you how to get this plug-in. it’s easy!

Head over to this website look for the download label ICO (windows Icon) Format which is available for both mac and windows.
To install the plugin make sure you completely closed photoshop. you can use the file extraction from adobe, or go to your photoshop location on your hard drive and then Plug-Ins > File Formats sub-folder.

Now when you open a new document in photoshop and Save As, click the dropdown menu and the ICO extension wil be visible.
So no more websites to convert your png’s to .ICO.

How to include your favicon into your website?


<LINK REL="icon" HREF="FaviconNameHere.ico">



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  • Hash Moody says:

    Fantastic, very helpful blog post. I’d love to get it reposted with due credits on our company blog as well.

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