#LifeOfDevs: Visual Designer Randy at Kennisnet

Jolanda Brandt

In this #LifeOfDevs series we get an inside peek into the lives of our developers on project. For our second interview we sat down with our visual designer Randy, who is currently creating beautiful designs for Kennisnet’s “Dashboard Passend Onderwijs”.

What does Kennisnet do? 
“At Kennisnet, which is subsidised by the Ministry of Education, they create nationwide ICT infrastructure for schools.”

What are you currently working on?
“At the moment I am working on their Dashboard (“DPO Venster”).  This particular Dashboard is a source of key ratios that facilitates collaborations within secondary education. Schools can manage their own page there in the national register, which demonstrates e.g. different statistics about that school. The version that is online right now is outdated and was in need of a new, fresher look, so I am currently working on re-designing it.”

What techniques are you using?
“For this project I mainly use Sketch and InVisionApp. To sync and prototype I am using a craft plugin in Sketch.”

Do you enjoy working at Kennisnet?
“Working at Kennisnet is a lot of fun. Our Scrum team of 15 people is diverse and we all have our own fortes. Other team members are e.g. a UX-/Interaction Designer, full-stack developers, front-enders en back-enders. This diverse team enables us to learn from each other and make progress fast.”

What is your typical day like?
“When I enter the office around 8am I kickstart my day by finding myself a comfortable spot to work at in our office with flex spaces and, of course, by drinking my daily beloved espresso. Then at 9.45am we do our daily stand-up after which we all proceed with our tasks. We also do refinements as part of our Scrum events. Every Thursday and every other Monday we do one. For example, when I make a design proposal, then in our refinement the other team members who work on the front-end and back-end will assess if it is doable within the current architecture”


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