#LifeOfDevs: Full-Stack Developer Fernando at Royal HaskoningDHV

Jelle van Wetten

Can you tell me how you got into coding?

When I was in high school, coding caught my interest and I realised that I really enjoyed programming. Especially the technical parts, I spend a lot of my time on learning and understanding to code.


Can you tell me more about the company and what you will be working on at the project?

I’m working at Royal HaskoningDHV at their office in Rotterdam. Here I work with a team to make a space planner application. The application features a 3D viewer and is written in Vue with GO on the back-end.


What is the biggest difference between working at the project and working at Competa HQ?

The biggest difference between the office of Royal Haskoning and Competa is literally the office space, I had to get used to the big silent office. And at Competa only a couple people were English, so I was still able to talk Dutch, but at RHDHV most of my colleagues aren’t Dutch. So I’m making sure to talk in English and improve my speech.


I’m assuming you are coding right now, can you tell me a bit more about what you’re working on?

We are working on a space planner web application. Which is going to be used for discussing potential building design with the clients of Royal Haskoning.


Which techniques are you using?

Our application is made with the following techniques: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Vue, ThreeJs, GitlabCI, Jest, NigthWatch, Go, Webpack, Docker, Elm. We use all these techniques to make the application look good on the front-end and on the back-end side.


What is one thing you have learned at your project so far?

I learned a lot here actually, we have a very diverse team with different specialities. Everyone has its own opinion on how to approach a certain task during the build of the application and way of solving a problem. I also learned how to test a Vue application using Jest and NightWatch. And I learned more techniques for a Docker based project.


What does your average week look like?

I would say that my average week is not really special, I arrive at the office around 9:00. At that time we have a very simple scrum standup/talk via Slack, and then we continue on programming. During our work, we talk a lot to each other, and this really helps in our progress of the application.


What skills do you need to have in order to work for a client like yours?

One of the best skills required for this project is the skill to quickly pick up new things, this has proven to be very useful when working with a team that had very diverse opinions.


How do you keep in touch with your Competa colleagues?

To keep in touch with my Competa colleagues, I use our Competa Slack group.


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