#LifeOfDevs: Front-end Developer Nigel at HCL Technologies

Jolanda Brandt

In today’s #LifeOfDevs we catch up with our Front-end Developer Nigel. In the beginning of 2016 he joined Competa for an internship, learning the ropes of developing in a work environment. Fast forward to today he has climbed the ranks and is now already three months in at his first project at HCL Technologies – a technology firm that helps large enterprises redefine their businesses for the digital age.


How did you get into front-end development?
“When I was in high school there, at some point, was an extra class on ICT. There I learned how to build a website. It sparked my interest in development and, as you probably expected, it was the start of a whole new path”.

What is the biggest difference/challenge to working at HCL Technologies vs working at Competa HQ?
“HCL Technologies is a very large, international enterprise and we have many nationalities working here; company wide some 140 nationalities. Competa on the other hand is a much smaller company with a diverse workforce as well, but here at HCL most certainly at a different scope. A big – nonetheless pleasant – difference if I may say so ”.

How do you keep in touch with your Competa colleagues?
“We use Slack to communicate with Competa colleagues elsewhere”.

What are you currently working on at HCL Technologies?
“I am doing front-end work for a mortgage project for Aegon, one of HCL’s clients”.

What techniques are you using?
“A lot of different techniques. For the front-end side we utilise Angular, TypeScript and Sass. Webpack is our pick for taskrunner. To do our unit testing we use Jest and Karma”.

What is one thing you have already learned at your project?
“I have already learned so much, considering I am relatively new to this project. The first thing I learned here was Angular”.

What is it like to work at your project?
“Work ambience is great and my team is super fun. If I have any questions my colleagues are ready to help out wherever they can. So you can definitely say that I feel at home here”.

What does your average week look like?
“We work Scrum here and we do two week sprints. In the morning I always start with a coffee and then at 9.30am we do our stand-up. Sometimes on Thursday I attend “Code & Cake”, which is a meeting for developers where we e.g. can get acquainted with new techniques we can use. Makes for an exciting break to see what techniques we could use next. Our demo is in the sprint’s second week on Thursday”.

What skills do you need to have in order to work for a client like yours?
“Due to the international nature of HCL’s work force you obviously need a good (spoken and written) command of English. Furthermore, you need a good understanding of JavaScript and knowledge of AngularJS or Angular and Sass”.

What is the food in the cafeteria like and, more importantly, how is the coffee?
“The coffee at our office is out of this world; truly fantastic. Food is good too. No complaints whatsoever”.


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