#LifeOfDevs: Front-end Developer Mandy at P-Direkt

Jolanda Brandt

In this #LifeOfDevs we meet our Front-end Developer Mandy– a great example demonstrating how a Competa internship can be stepping stone to a successful career. She started as an intern at Competa in 2015. Recently she started on her first project at P-Direkt – a government division of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK), where they handle most personnel administration for Dutch civil servants.



How did you get interested in front-end development?
“I’ve always been interested in tech and so i decided to go to a IT school where I learned coding, back-end and front-end. The more I continued toying around with it, I started preferring the visual part over the non-visual part. So in the end I made the logical choice, for me, to focus on front-end development.”

What is the biggest difference/challenge to working at a client vs working at Competa HQ?
“Without a doubt the biggest difference is not being able to hang out with my fun colleagues/friends. Although I must admit, it is way quieter here, which has the advantage that I am generally more productive.”

What are you currently working on at P-Direkt?
“As a HTML Styling Developer CSS I presently work on styling a portal. Unfortunately, due to the confidential nature of the work I am doing, I can’t tell you more than this – sorry! “

What techniques are you using?
“I work with quite a few techniques, but right now mostly with CSS and SAPUI5.”

What is one thing you have already learned at your project?
“That CSS can sometimes be THE most annoying thing ever!”

What is it like to work at your project?
“We work with Scrum here and have weekly sprints. Every week we generate a LOT of user stories. I do really enjoy this fast-paced, but fun environment. At least it is never boring!”

What does your average week look like?
“Well, first things thirst; I always start my day by getting some tea. Then we all head towards our own work station and just go work on our user stories and code. I am glad that we have an open culture here at the office. We work with three codes here: Respect, Openness and Courage. That entails you need to have respect for people and have an open attitude. The last one means that you should have the courage to ask anybody in case you need anything or have a question”.

What skills do you need to have in order to work for a client like yours?
“If you want to do the work I am doing here, you should definitely understand SAPUI5 or SAP. Also, you should be a self-starter and feel comfortable with three codes here in the office (Respect, Openness and Courage).”

What is the food in the cafeteria like and, more importantly, how is the coffee?
“Coffee? I only drink tea; coffee is gross. Hahaha. The food in our cafeteria is pretty generic, so I prefer to go to the noodle bar here in the neighbourhood or I bring my own lunch when I feel creative.”

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