#LifeOfDevs: Front-End Developer Gaetano at Crédit Agricole

Jelle van Wetten

In this #LifeOfDevs we catch up with our colleague Gaetano, one of our Italian developers who came to the Netherlands and Competa to learn and step up his game. As a result of his hard work, he went on his first project at Crédit Agricole. Which is a French company that operates all over the world in the financial sector. Gaetano is active as a Front-End Developer.


Can you tell me how you got into coding?
“Whilst studying for a degree Telecommunications Engineering, I mainly used code to build scripts for scientific algorithms. During my study there were different exams in TCP/IP application layer protocols, which got my interest. This was the beginning for me in coding.”

Can you tell me more about the company and what you will be working on at the project?
“Crédit Agricole is a company that operates in the financial sector. I’m working on different projects. Such as their public website and the MyEnvironment application, which customers can use to apply for a loan.”

What is the biggest difference between working at the project and working at Competa HQ?
“At Competa you can always take some time to learn new things, as long as it is relevant to add to your tech profile. That is the biggest difference for me. The freedom to learn is something I like the most about Competa HQ.”

Crédit Agricole

I’m assuming you are coding right now, can you tell me a bit more about what you’re working on?
“There is a lot of variation in my work, sometimes there are bugs that need to be fixed, sometimes there are existing features that need some changing, but luckily I can work on implementing new features as well. The company’s approach is that every feature is, generally, a component that is added to the page layout. For security reasons the application itself is strongly distributed and the code I write is not visible on the business logic databases. But there are web endpoints instead, which can be used to invoke web services, implemented by different teams.”

Which techniques are you using?
“The applications are based on Sitecore 7.0, which uses an MVC5 architecture pattern and C# as a language for the back-end. Besides that I’m using AngularJS, Bootstrap and Sass for the front-end. We are using Gulp and Grunt both as a taskrunner.”

What is one thing you have learned at your project so far?
“I feel I have improved a lot in developing according to the MVC pattern. Plus this project gave me the opportunity to get to know Sitecore CMS development.”

What does your average week look like?
“Usually the product owner sets the priorities on the JIRA board. After that the product owner chooses whom to invite to the meetings, which gives us the opportunity to meet the colleagues we’ll work with. The meetings can be on a daily basis or just once a week, this depends on the list of activities and how they are prioritized.”

Crédit Agricole Logo

What skills do you need to have in order to work for a client like Crédit Agricole?
“The project is quite big and going through the code and features is not always easy. I think the ability to solve problems and troubleshoot is important in this case. At the same time being able to work in a team is an essential part, because colleagues can give you precious tips on your work.”

How do you keep in touch with your Competa colleagues?
“Unfortunately that is hard right now. But luckily Competa organises tech talks and nice dinners, where all colleagues can meet, have some fun and share a drink.”


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