Introduction to Cordova

Carina Syemyerdzhyan

Cordova is a framework for mobile application development (using HTML, CSS and JS). We can not use native mobile functionalities in our web applications by default. Cordova provides a possibility to do it. In this case it’s kind of a bridge between web application and mobile application. Using Cordova we have access to native mobile device capabilities as the camera, contacts, geolocation media and etc.

User interface of Cordova is presented as a web view. The web view is a tab in a browser. When a Cordova application is being compiled, it doesn’t touch HTML, CSS and JS. It automagically converts it into native code.

A start with Crova is rather easy. Cordova CLI is available on NPM.

  1. npm install -g cordova to install it globally
  2. navigate to a directory where you want to start you project and cordova create <path>
  3. to add platform use the next command cordova platform add <platform name>
  4. to run the project cordova run <platform name>


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