How companies and governments can help Africa

Noah Al Niema

Before reading, let’s ask ourselves these questions:

1- Are we globally helping Africa?
2- Have we asked the Africans how can we support them in order to change their situation?
3- Are we providing the correct support?
4- How to be partners in improving the situation there for the young people?

In order to answer these questions we can read this story:

The problem:

After years for the European governments on providing Africa with the foreign aid, they have realized that this way of support is not helping Africans to improve their economic situation, they also realized that there should be a better way to help Africa.
The fair trade system was founded to help the farmers and traders in the developing countries to sell their goods to the international market in order to achieve better trading and economic conditions for them.

The solution

The fair trade movement wasn’t only limited for the goods, a company called Competa IT with some other partners believed that the software could be also fairly traded, they invented the Fair Trade Software Foundation (FTSF) in order to share the knowledge of software with the African graduates because FTSF and Competa IT believed that software and knowledge is a right for everyone.


The story:

There are so many graduates are passionate about software and coding, all they need is the opportunity to learn and to grow their knowledge!!
FTSF and Competa IT believed in them, also believed that this knowledge will make them able to change their situation and they will support the African economy as well as the European economy since if they got the opportunity at their country, then there is no need for them to come to Europe as refugees to find their missing dreams.



© GIZ / Tristan Vostry

The results:

The projects of FTSF, Competa IT, Competa Millman and their partners in Africa have helped over a million vulnerable person in Kenya!!
The plan now is to participate more in providing these guys in Africa with the knowledge and give them the opportunity to grow.

How to participate in improving the lives of the young talents in Africa:

Since FTSF can be the new hope for these young people in Africa in order to make their dreams true.
Competa IT has initiated in making this real too.

By choosing the services of Competa IT and by placing the Fair Trade Software developers of Competa IT on your projects in  The Netherlands, you will be supporting these young people, because Competa IT will give new guys in Africa the chance to grow.


Contact us today and let’s change the world with software


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