#CodePamojaExperiences Benson Njungé is able to build his life because of CodePamoja

Jelle van Wetten

My personal story
My name is Benson Njungé and I am a System and Web Developer. Before joining CodePamoja I was a freelance developer earning a netto income of KSH 5,000 a month. Through a friend’s recommendation, I joined CodePamoja as a trainee in the Agile methodology and Scrum programme.

Benson Njungé at CodePamoja

Working together is the key
I learned a lot about Scrum and the power of teamwork. The sense of working together and helping each other with the common goal in mind is the success of the programme. Also, it helps you realize that there is not one person who understands and knows everything, so working as a team with different specialties and having everyone focused on the bigger picture benefits everyone. Working together helps everyone to offer their input within the team based on what they are good at. The sprint planning helps to divide the tasks and finish a project step by step on a pace that everyone in the team is comfortable with.

Because of the fact that we worked as a team, I made a lot of friends. Everyone I met at CodePamoja was understanding, friendly and always willing to offer a helping hand. Every time I was having difficulties with any of my work, I felt comfortable asking anyone for help.

Benson Njungé at CodePamoja

The opportunity of my life
I also had the opportunity to interact with great mentors Arwin Mbugua, Stephen Maina and Fred Onyango, they were a great deal of help during my training period. But also many thanks to all the other developers and the entire CodePamoja family for all their help.

Due to my experience and work at CodePamoja I got an opportunity to work at Competa Millman (CodePamoja parent company) as a system developer. It’s an amazing opportunity for my personal growth as well as my professional growth. Thanks to CodePamoja, I’m now earning 5 times what I was earning before, which will help me to build my life!


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