We Believe.

We believe that we can use our software and project management skills to help people, companies, organisations, even economies.

Fair Trade Software

In 2010 Competa conceived Fair Trade Software, a new economic model for the IT sector based on co-development partnerships and Fair Trade Principles. By creating virtual teams with members in both OECD and developing countries it is possible for software development services to meet Fair Trade criteria. Software such as websites produced in this way can carry a Fair Trade label, providing a clear way for corporations to communicate Sustainability and CSR commitment to end-users, consumers and other relations.


CodePamoja is a not-for-profit initiative to give young graduates in the Netherlands and Kenya work experience developing software to an international standard. Working in small cross-border teams participants get hands-on experience in Agile project management (Scrum) whilst working on real software development projects. CodePamoja is a Fair Trade Software project, jointly funded by Competa and the Federal German Government develoPPP.de Programme. The project is run by Competa in conjunction with Kenyan partners BTI Millman and DewCIS.

Competa Conference Center

The CCC is a professionally equipped conference facility located in Rijswijk, easy to reach by car and public transport. Regular conferences, seminars, training and other meetings are held at the venue, hosted by Competa and other organisations. For events of a technical nature and of interest to technical IT professionals, the facilities are available for free or low cost. Check the Competa Meet-up page for details of forthcoming events.

Pizza Nights & Meet Ups

One of the perks of working at Competa are the regular pizza nights. If you are still hungry for knowledge after a day spent creating perfectly styled hamburger menus, you and your friends can satisfy cravings by joining one of our Pizza evenings. We hold regular Tech Talks and discussion evenings where we sit around a table sharing knowledge, food and occasional jokes.


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