Add property to functions

Carina Syemyerdzhyan

Functions are the first-class object in JavaScript. Functions have the same behavior as objects. We can easily add a property to a function!

Storing functions

Consider we need a collection of callbacks and we want to store these callbacks dynamically (only unique callbacks). The naive implementation is creating an array. Using a loop go through it. Add a new callback function and everytime check if the given callback exists. This approach has a poorly performance. Using a function property avoid this problem.

var store = {
  nextId: 1,
  cache: {},
  add: function(fn) {

    if (! { = this.nextId++;
        this.cache[] = fn;
        return true;

function helloCompeta(){}


Memorisation the previous computed value

The next example what I’d like to provide is how to memorize the previous computed value using a function property.
Consider we want to computed if the given number is prime or not.

function isPrime(value){
    if (!isPrime.answers)   {                   
        isPrime.answers = {}; 
    if (isPrime.answers[value] !== undefined) {
        return isPrime.answers[value];                  
    var prime = value !== 1; // 1 is not a prime                
    for (var i = 2; i < value; i++) {
        if (value % i === 0) {
            prime = false;
    return isPrime.answers[value] = prime;


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