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What drove me into Graylog’s arms?

Posted on 9 February 2016 | Systems by Daniel Schutterop

In a world where you are as strong as your log analyzing skills, who could resist the tooling that ties all your logs together in a comprehensive and searchable fashion? I know, it sounds like the leader to a terrible SciFi flic, but in reality this is what drove me to Graylog in the first …

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5 CSS Tips for Junior Frontend Developers

Posted on 8 February 2016 | Development by Raymon

HTML & CSS are the basic skills for Frontend Developers. But basic will not always say it is easy to write clean CSS code. So from the things that I’ve learned in all these years as a Frontend Developer, I’ll like to share some tips for writing clean CSS and not spaghetti CSS. 1. Think …

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The difference between UX design and UI design

Posted on 7 February 2016 | Development by Amanda de Rijk

When talking about webdesign there are a couple of terms that will always come up, two of these terms are UI design and UX design.┬áTo start it is nice to know where UX and UI stand for. UX design means User eXperience design, and UI design means User Interface design, the difference might seem clear …

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Changing words with CSS animation

Posted on 4 February 2016 | Development by Valerie Varias

In this blog post I will show how to make words change with CSS animations. The idea is to have a sentence, and one of the words will change into certain words. The structure The text-wrapper will be the main wrapper, and inside that wrapper, we’ll place the sentence. The animated-words will appear one at …

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Docker, Elastic, Kibana, PL/SQL, Python (Part 2)

Posted on 2 February 2016 | Systems by Aram Lauxtermann

PL/SQL System Technological Updates 2. – CX Oracle Problem Now that our docker container is running we can install cx_Oracle. The only problem is: Cx_Oracle only runs on RHEL, but this can be fixed with Alien. Solution My computer is running Elementary OS – Ubuntu Image 14.04 x86-64bit, python 2.7.4. Install alien to convert .rpm …

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Docker, Elastic, Kibana, PL/SQL, Python

Posted on 2 February 2016 | Systems by Aram Lauxtermann

Docker System Technological Updates 1. – Docker Problem Have you ever seen a server with multiple Bash or Korn scripts that get database information to visualize patterns. After a while the quantity of scripts becomes unmanageable and multiple tasks can interfere with each other. How can we solve this problem as clean as possible First …

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Greyscale hover effect

Posted on 2 February 2016 | Development by Randy Gootjes

Giving your website images a different feel with a hover grey scale. Its, really simple! First steps. First of load in the image and give the class (grey scale)

Now we head over to our CSS, to give the class a hover effect! 2. Create the effect in your CSS. We first want to …

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Easy-to-use Angular Environment Checker

Posted on 1 February 2016 | Development by Nick Thesing

In my current project I faced an application which uses multiple environments, like test, development or release using different API endpoints. This issue results in stressful situations when a tester is trying to test the whole application or website and doesn’t know which API is being used. The problems I faced: The code is minified …

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Make your commit message readable

Posted on 1 February 2016 | Development by Carina Syemyerdzhyan

How to make your commit message readable and clear for everybody? How to use the same commit structure for all team members? How to forget about disturbing when you write your commit message? The commitizen npm module will help. Before each commit message just answer the list of question and… Enjoy Installation npm install -g …

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LoRaWan Temperature & humidity sensor

Posted on 28 January 2016 | Uncategorized by Daniel Schutterop

I recently visited a LoRaWan workshop in the Netherlands where KPN (As in, the Dutch telecom provider) and Sodaq (As in, the manufacturer of some kick-ass arduino hardware) helped us getting a temperature & humidity sensor up and running. LoRaWan, the Long range, low power WAN network which KPN is rolling out (oh, and let’s …

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