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Generating a Styleguide with KSS

Posted on 14 April 2016 | Development by Victoria Mineva

When you’re working on a website with a lot of components that are reused throughout many different pages it can be hard to keep the styling consistent. In such cases it is useful to create a CSS Styleguide, which can not only help the developers keep an overview of the different components of the website, but …

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How to make GUI tools like SourceTree play nice with nvm under Mac OSX

Posted on 9 April 2016 | Development by Jim Sangwine

NOTE: This solution has been developed and tested on OS X 10.11 El Capitan. YMMV. If you’re using nvm (node version manager) you might have noticed that some desktop GUI apps that rely on node don’t work properly. For example, if you use SourceTree and you have a pre-push or pre-commit hook that runs a …

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Setting up your OS X for the first time

Posted on 8 April 2016 | Development by Kim Massaro

In the my years as a developer I’ve mostly worked on Windows and Linux (Ubuntu and lately Elementary). Since this week I’ve started using OS X, which confused me a little setting it all up. Obviously there was no need for the confusion, but for those who might have the same insecurity about it or …

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Basic CSS hierarchy

Posted on 7 April 2016 | Development by Isamu Ip

If you’re working on a website with multiple people, it’s generally a good idea to structure your css files. Especially if you’re creating generic styling that the needs to be used throughout the whole website. The Holy Trinity of creating stylesheets are to keep it: Readable, Maintainable and Consistent. Create definitions of these three with …

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CSS3, CSS4? Wait…What?!

Posted on 30 March 2016 | Development by Kim Massaro

CSS3 has been out for a while now and some developers are still struggling mastering all the features it has and CSS4 is already luring around the corner? What’s going on?! Don’t worry, there is no CSS4, CSS is just CSS. Within CSS you have selectors that can reach the fourth level of the W3C …

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How to update the scope with an eventlistener in AngularJS

Posted on 30 March 2016 | Development by Raymon

Today I had such an annoying problem with AngularJS. I couldn’t understand why the $scope didn’t update! In my case, it is vm (if you want to know why to choose vm instead of $scope, check out this of John Papa) that didn’t update. And it was only updating after my mouse left the browser and clicking …

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Gear Guide for working on assignments

Posted on 28 March 2016 | Development by Isamu Ip

What’s in the bag? Over the years, I’ve been sent on assignments to a number of companies. It’s always exciting the first time you step foot into a new company. That feeling of your first day of work, again and again. Through the years and companies, I experienced different working environments. Some of them great, …

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Overtesting and overbuilding with continuous integration/DevOps

Posted on 28 March 2016 | Development by Tiety Kooistra

Problem definition Git Workflow Everybody should know the Git workflow where you have a master, develop, feature and maybe when needed hotfix or release branches. With this workflow you minimize the disturbance of the develop and master branches. This also means that the develop and master branch contain a lot less broken or temporary code. …

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Memory Leaks in JavaScript

Posted on 28 March 2016 | Development by Carina Syemyerdzhyan

Memory leaks is a memory that is not required by an application anymore and is not returned to the OS of free memory. The main reasons for leaks in JavaScript are unwanted references. There are three types of common JavaScript leaks.  1. Accidental global variables There is a possibility to declare your variable in JavaScript …

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Quick IE Styling Hack

Posted on 24 March 2016 | Development by Isamu Ip

I’ll try not to bash Internet Explorer too much in this article. But IE, especially the old ones, are sometimes, to put it lightly: rebellious when it comes to styling. The they tend to behave different then other browser in terms of behaving scripts and even styling. When you run into a brick wall, like …

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