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Make your JavaScript’s functions pure

Posted on 28 June 2016 | Development by Carina Syemyerdzhyan

What we assume when are talking about ‘pure functions’? According the definition pure functions is one that doesn’t depend on or modify variables outside of its scope. The definitions is rather formal, let’s take one example of the function that calculates whether a user’s mouse is on the right-hand side of a page, and logs true if it is …

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Custom file upload field directive with AngularJS

Posted on 28 June 2016 | Development by Victoria Mineva

Directives are a core feature of AngularJS. The framework comes with a big number of useful built-in directives but in addition to that we can create our own custom ones. Those let us create functionalities that we can reuse throughout the whole website. In this blog post I will give you an example of a …

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The JavaScript array.forEach() method doesn’t return anything!

Posted on 20 June 2016 | Development by Raymon

A while ago working on a cool Angular2 project I discovered some weird behavior, weird because I didn’t realise it was working that way. I was checking if an id property of an object, was already in an array. If it was, it won’t push it again. It is wasn’t in there, it could push …

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Input parsers and jumping caret / cursor in Angular

Posted on 15 June 2016 | Development by Jim Sangwine

We had a requirement to restrict uppercase characters in an application I am working on for a customer. Of course we could have allowed the user to enter uppercase characters and then convert them back to lowercase on save, but I thought it would be nicer to do the conversion on the fly as the …

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Show nav bar on scrolling.

Posted on 13 June 2016 | Development by Randy Gootjes

For my new portfolio I made a navigation without background, the only thing was when I scrolled down and landed on a white space you didn’t see the navigation anymore. So I had to make a background to appear when scrolling down. So I created the following. Example. Here’s my css / sass

As …

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Handle PostCSS (with plugins) with NPM scripts

Posted on 10 June 2016 | Development by Raymon

PostCSS becames more and more popular these days. And yeah, why should we develop in these weird file extentions for Sass, Scss or Less. With PostCSS we just stick to CSS extentions. That’s what I love about PostCSS! There are currently loads of plugins for to do the same magic as we where used to …

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Mac friendly (IntelliJ-like) keyboard mappings for Visual Studio running under VMWare Fusion

Posted on 6 June 2016 | Development by Jim Sangwine

I got really fed up trying to memorise two sets of keyboard shortcuts when switching between coding JavaScript in IntelliJ IDEA running natively on my Mac and C# in Visual Studio running under VMWare Fusion. To (partially) solve the problem I have created the following mappings that you might find useful if you’re in a …

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Grunt 101

Posted on 29 May 2016 | Development by Tiety Kooistra

What is Grunt? So you are interested in understanding the basics of Grunt? First we should think about what Grunt is and why you would use it. You surely know a lot of the following monotonous and tiresome tasks: -Setup local server -Minify html/css/JavaScript files -Concat css/JavaScript files -Run Bower install -Run NPM install -Compile Sass/Less -Lint your …

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One-page navigation, move to section with javascript.

Posted on 12 May 2016 | Development by Randy Gootjes

For my new portfolio I was looking why the navigation wasn’t working correct I found out that with JavaScript you can set the section position to the right place. For this I used document.getElementById() and then the section you want to be selected. Example. Make a JS file.

With the DivOffset you can play …

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Cloning in EMC Networker; playing around with mminfo and nsrclone

Posted on 12 May 2016 | Systems by Jeroen de Meijer

The environment We have a tape back-up environment with a tape library in two locations. The software used is EMC Networker (formerly Legato Networker). The back-ups are made on the primary location (Datacenter 1), and all back-ups are cloned to the secondary location (datacenter 2). There are several back-up groups containing various datasets. As retention …

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